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The Bitchy Teen

This facial bar will bring your Bitchy Teenager back down to earth and clear up that Hideous skin! And then ‘like everything will be cool. Dude. ‘

This bar is Incredible for that hormonal skin with a unique blend of essential oils, Calendula petals, lemon balm,raw honey, and a touch of French White Clay. All working in perfect harmony. The Lemon Balm leaves are also perfect for the spirit!Sprinkled on top with dried lemon peel bits and marigold petals(Calendula)
This soap weighs 3 ounces and because it is round it fits perfectly in your hand.The flower petals, herbs, and dried lemon rind bits give a gentle but powerful exfoliation that will slough away dead skin and stimulate new tissue growth to reveal a true glow! No scrubby pads or cloths needed!

Your skin is gonna love it!
One 3.0 ounce bar

Color: pale calendula petal

Perfect for Teenagers developing attitude and acne! Great on the body and gentle enough for your face and perfect for oily-to combination types of skin-teens and older!


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