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One Year Monthly Subscription to Zodiac Channeling Oil Club.Birthday Month AND SHIPPING ARE FREE

Zodiac Channeling Oils
An Inspirational collection of meditation oils inspired by the Astrological Zodiac.

These are blended to match each Sun sign and be inspired by the seasons, birth flowers, spices, and herbs, and personalities.. The oils will speak to your most primeval senses and touch your soul on a deep and instinctive level, as we naturally tend to vibrate to the essences of our birth months, or to the essences of the season we are living in. As we all sometimes need a Muse, you can use these oils for channeling the characteristics of your Astrological sign as well as signs other than your own. For instance, if you have a large presentation in front of people coming up in life, you may want to apply a small dab of Capricorn and Aries Oil to your 3rd Eye, as these oils vibrate to the Orator in us all. Each one will come in a midnight black bottle to preserve the essential oils and will have various stones or quartz crystal shards for added vibrational energy.

Made with a light and fractionated coconut oil, essential oil blends, and sometimes fragrance. Can be worn for meditation, channeling, or as a perfume.

**Super concentrated and should not be applied more than 3 times a day in light doses**

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In this yearly Subscription you will be able to channel all Zodiac signs in their respective months! Also your Birthday Month is FREE!
You will get to try out every oil of the Zodiac with this wonderful subscription, You will also enjoy free shipping monthly.
Every month, The Zodiac oil with coincide with the Astrological sign of the month; for instance-If it is August, then you will receive the Leo Zodiac Channeling oil, and so on.

This would be great for yourself or a gift for someone who may be into Astrology!

When purchasing, please let me know if this is for you, or a gift for someone else and please include your Birthday Month/Astrological Sign at checkout!
Each oil will arrive to you monthly with a card about the oil and enclosed in a Celestial organza bag.
Each oil is .30 fluid ounces and comes in a midnight black roll on tube


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