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Capricorn-The Laughing Orator- Victorian Rose, Pine needle, Clementine, and Anise

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Capricorn Characteristics:
The Laughing Orator (pronounced orah-tore)
Witty and Charming Traditionalist

Capricorns tend to live life backwards and usually learn tough life lessons from their ruling planet, Saturn. But, while they are learning they are grounding themselves with a practical nature, and while most are too serious for their own good, many more have a serious sense of humor! Family plays a key role to their happiness and they enjoy goal setting and almost always reach every one! They are excellent at speaking with words flowing from their minds with ease, especially to strangers. Capricorns also make exceptional lovers!

Capricorn Essence: Just like a warm hug on a dark winters night, brown sugar embraces this oil on a bed of snow covered pine needles and spruce. A crisp, yet intoxicating blend of Victorian rose, anise, and Clementine bring magic and laughter. This oil is the comforts and Happiness-es of Winter but will be adored anytime of the year!

Wear this oil to invoke more of your own Sun sign or if you need a Muse!

I have added a tiny stone for invoking Spirituality and Determination

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