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Sagittarius-The Generous Psychic- Angelica, Sweet Orange, Grapefruit, Fir, Leather

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Sagittarian Characteristics:
The Generous Psychic
The Evolution of the Spiritual Experience
Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Sagittarius Essence: This oil is a bright and shining auric cleanser with frankincense and angelica, in even the darkest hour of the 12th winter’s night. Angelica’s effect can sometimes be a mirror, helping you to see your true self and draws out the bad and replaces it with good. Sweet orange, grapefruit, and bergamot will help you enter this time of Mystic Symbolisms of the Sagittarian period- Yule Logs, Christmas trees, mistletoe, dormant nature waiting to be reborn and gold. It is no wonder why they are usually drawn to purple and gold. Rugged leather and heart-warming nutmeg add to their spicy and generous nature.

Sagittarians are usually the life of the party and love to be on the go, always looking for the next best thing. It is probably their natural and uncanny intuition telling them to move on. Most are deep soul mystics who never really grow up. Oh sure, they age but they always somehow keep the spirit of playful childhood magic alive –still believing in fairytales, fairies, magic, and things of the like. This is the one sign that is truly psychic-trust me they know the you of you.

Wear this oil to invoke the ability to see through someone and to always, always keep the magic of your true spirit alive.

I have added tiny stones to invoke spirituality and healing

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