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Libra- The PeaceMaker- Rosewood, Clovers,Aloe,Wormwood and Ylang

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Libra Characteristics:
The Peacemaker
Wise Balanced Soul
Ruling Planet: Venus

Libra Essence:
Sweet, woody, and syrupy Rosewood will help the wandering Libras to slow down and take a break from all that movement while green clovers and aloe will remind them of the last glimpses of twilight in between the seasons. Ylang Ylang will comfort and balance and make notes of wormwood almost seem delicate. A very green and balanced fragrance with hints of herbal bliss

Libras are extremely social people and are constantly seeking the opinion of others with their attractive and charming personalities. They are fair-minded and will always want to hear both sides of the story before ultimately making their own judgments. With Libras it is all about balance, day & night, black & white, yin & yang and so on. Almost all Libras are drop dead gorgeous and are surrounded by elegance and love all things beautiful. Compassion reigns which makes them excellent partners or lovers in life as this is the one sign to truly care about the other persons point of view and are almost always willing to compromise.

Wear this oil to invoke balance, beauty, and compassion

I have added a tiny stone for Love and balance

Ingredients: coconut oil, essential oils, fragrance oil, stones

Each roll on tube is .30 fluid oz -this listing is for one fragrance

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