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Cancer-The Escape Artist- Sandalwood, Milk Chocolate, Honeysuckle and Bergamot

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Cancer Characteristics:
The Escape Artist
Nurturing Rain for the Soul
Ruler: The Moon

Cancer Essence: Just like Raat ki Ran (Queen of the Night) otherwise known as Night Blooming Jasmine, this essence wraps you in heartfelt love and nurtures your soul with the fragrant white flowers that bloom under the moon. Smoldering Sandalwood and comforting milk chocolate hug the sweet and delicate honeysuckles and bergamot while sparkling grapefruit dances playfully in the rain.

Nobody will ever love you like a Cancer. Nobody will ever nurture you and make you feel like you are THE GREATEST thing to walk the earth like Cancer either! Too bad they do not stick around long enough to do it! Cancer is THE Great Escape Artist of the Zodiac Wheel. These little nomads should have covered wagons and hats. But even a traveling Gypsy has to plant their roots somewhere, and when they finally settle down and do it for good they will realize they had what they were looking for all along- inside their great big hearts. Emotions play a key role for these little crabs wearing their homes on their backs, moving at night with the cycles of the moon as they are constantly in search of the next nurturing nourishment. Cancers generally make the best parents of the Zodiac, and happiest when nurturing the little ones. Home is definitely where the Heart is.

Wear this oil to invoke the maternal and nurturing spirit and to keep you safe in your travels.

I have added a tiny stone for self esteem and healing.

Each roll on tube is .30 fluid oz -this listing is for one fragrance

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