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Gemini-The Communicator- Chandana, Honey, Chamomile, Rose

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Gemini Characteristics:
The Communicator
Smiles Brightly with a Colorful Aura
Ruling Planet: Mercury

Gemini Essence:
Chandana , or Sandalwood is the perfect aphrodisiac for Gemini with the honey like spiritual powers it holds allowing for the highest level of spiritual awareness. I have combined it gently with blue chamomile as the flower stands upright and holds its daisy like face to the Sun, with an apple like fragrance to find hidden virtues and draw healing energies. A symphony of velvet red Rose is a greeting from heaven itself, opening and receiving the Summer Sun and helps to achieve the highest spiritual connection possible.

Gemini is a natural linguist on a constant mission for knowledge. Written, spoken, or read-it does not matter to them. They are always running in circles to gain more, bumping into themselves along the way, with a primal desire to simply ‘know things’. A charming quick wit and extreme sense of humor graces this sign more than any other, making you ask yourself “Did I really just see a rainbow over their head when they smiled?” Yes, you probably did, they are, after all, mirrors of the Summer Sun, with bright and shining auras that constantly change colors. The happiest signs of the Zodiac! Most have the “Peter Pan Syndrome” of never wanting to grow up, which is just fine with them and probably what makes them so spiritual and close to living in Heaven on Earth.

Wear this oil to invoke pure happiness and knowledge.

I have added a tiny stone for happiness and spirituality

Each roll on tube is .30 fluid oz -this listing is for one fragrance

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